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What are your business hours?

We’re open Mon-Fri, 8.30am to 6.30pm, Saturdays 8.30am to 3.00pm and Sundays 10.30am to 2pm.

Sorry, we’re closed on Public Holidays.

Do you deliver?

Yes! If you live locally, we deliver twice a week (free!) for orders over $40. See Local Order Pickups and Deliveries for details.

If you live outside our local area, but still in NSW, or you live in the ACT or Victoria, we also deliver for a flat fee of $15 (NSW/ACT) or $20 (Victoria). Order over $150 of goodies, and we’ll delivery for free!

Unfortunately, we don’t deliver fridge items, and during the hot months (October through April incl), we don’t deliver chocolate, so if you have any of these in your cart, you won’t be able to select delivery.

Sorry, if you’re outside NSW, the ACT and Victoria, we don’t offer delivery.

The product I want is only 100g, but I need more than that. How can I order more?

If you come to the shop, you can buy however much you need, but for online orders, I’m afraid we have to sell products in the multiples of weight that we have listed online. This means that if you need 200g of an item listed as 100g, just buy two of them, and we’ll put it all in the same bag.

My recipe is in cups but your site is in grams. How much is in a cup?

A metric cup is 250ml (be careful – American cups are a bit smaller – 240ml, and imperial cups are a bit larger – 284ml!), but as you might imagine, a cup of flour and a cup of chocolate drops don’t weigh the same! To make things a bit easier, we’ve captured the approximate weight of a metric cup of most things in the shop under the Additional Information Tab (see below).

Can I order liquids like oil or honey or syrup online?

Yes, you can; we’ve included a nice jar or bottle with the liquids when you buy online. If you want to use your own jar or bottle, please come to the shop and one of our friendly staff will help you fill it.

My order is ready. Where do I pick it up from?

Come to our store at 16 Lackey St and ask our staff to get your order. Please quote your order number.

Can I bring my own jars to the shop when I order online?

Sorry, no. When ordering online we will package your products in paper bags for you to fill your jars at home. If you want to use your jars, please come to the shop and one of our friendly staff will help you fill them up. You can even drop them off, tell us what you want in them, and come back later so you can grab a coffee, some lunch, nip to the gym, get a haircut, whatever! We’ll get your goodies ready for when you come back.

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