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Is your shop open yet?

Yes, we’re open! Please respect physical distancing when coming to the shop – we ask that only 4 customers enter the shop at any one time (6 people in total including staff) – and please sanitise your hands on entry (we have sanitiser as you enter).

If you are short on time though, you can order and pay for your goodies here on our website, then we’ll package them up for you and let you know when they are ready to collect from the store.

What are your business hours?

We’re open Mon-Fri, 8.30am to 6.30pm, and Saturdays 8.30am to 3.00pm.

Sorry, we’re closed Sundays and Public Holidays.

I'm self isolating. Can I still come to the store to pick up my order?

No! Stay at home. Please. If you are self isolating, you can arrange for someone else to pick up your order. They’ll just need to quote your name and order number when they come to pick it up.

Can I order liquids like oil or honey or syrup online?

Yes, you can; we’ve included a nice jar or bottle with the liquids when you buy online. If you want to use your own jar or bottle, please come to the shop and one of our friendly staff will help you fill it.

What precautions are you taking to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus?

We take hygiene and sanitisation very seriously here at MAD, which means all our staff regularly wash their hands and use disposable (biodegradable) gloves when packing orders/handling food.

Staff will not be permitted to work if they show any symptoms such as sniffly nose, cough or fever, or have been in close contact with anyone that has returned from overseas, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

We will also limit the number of people in the shop (to six, four customers and two staff) at any one time to ensure physical distancing is maintained, and we will provide hand sanitiser for all customers to sanitise their hands as a condition of entry to the store.

My order is ready. Where do I pick it up from?

Come to our store at 16 Lackey St and ask our staff to get your order. Please quote your order number.

The product I want is only 100g, but I need more than that. How can I order more?

If you come to the shop, you can buy however much you need, but for online orders, I’m afraid we have to sell products in the multiples of weight that we have listed online. This means that if you need 200g of an item listed as 100g, just buy two of them, and we’ll put it all in the same bag.

Can I bring my own jars to the shop when I order online?

Sorry, no. When ordering online we will package your products in paper bags for you to fill your jars at home. If you want to use your jars, please come to the shop and one of our friendly staff will help you fill them up.

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