Aussie Bread Bag (large)


Large cotton bread bag from Aussie Bread Bags.

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Whether you’re a Covid baker, or have been smashing out loaves for years, you might want to have a look at these simple, handmade bread bags to keep the fruits of your baking labour fresher for longer*. Don’t let their simplicity fool you though, Holly of @aussiebreadbags (a small business based in NSW Central Coast) has worked hard to produce a bag that will not only last (made of sustainable cotton with reinforced seams, and a double gusseted bottom), they’re practical too, being freezer proof and machine washable and having a drawstring closure that doubles as a handle. And being made from natural materials, they are completely compostable when they eventually reach their end of life.


*Tested against bread bins or in plastic bags, linen outperforms for keeping bread fresher and mould free for longer. For optimum results, keep in a bread bag inside a bread bin for up to a week, (depending on bread and atmospheric conditions), or freeze if needed for longer.

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Approx size of each bag is 40cm long x 30cm wide with a squared base, 16cm x 14cm with a drawstring at the top.