Aussie Pumpkin Seeds in Dark Chocolate – 100g


All Aussie pumpkin seeds in dark chocolate from Pepo Farms.

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If you’ve tried our delicious, Aussie grown pumpkin seeds, can you imagine how good they’d be smothered in Belgian dark chocolate? The clever people at Pepo Farms in Ovens, Victoria, thought that might be a good idea, so they’ve done just that. They’re vegan, gluten free, and absolutely dynamite! Grab a bag and get yer laughin’ gear ’round em!


Additional information


Pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanillin, cocoa solids, glaze).

Country of Origin

Made in Australia

Allergy Info

Contains tree nuts

How much in a cup?

170g (approx.)

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