Pepper & Spice Dukkah – 50g


Authentic Dukkah from Pepper & Spice.

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In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, Pepper & Spice are brother and sister Bass & Angela that brought us their incredible chilli oils. If you haven’t tried them yet, you need to.

Now, just as Bass and Angela have drawn upon their Syrian heritage to produce their authentic chilli oil, Bass’ wife Maggie, of Egyptian descent (seriously, Syrian and Egyptian – I wanna have dinner at their place…) has decided to join the party with a fragrant and flavourful dukkah. Maggie sources quality nuts and seeds, then roasts them and pounds them by hand to create this explosion of flavours that make other Dukkahs seem a little drab by comparison.

Sprinkle on roast veggies, wedges, on your salad for a delicious bit of crunch, add to poached egg, use as a crust on a piece of salmon, or just dip some (chilli) oily sourdough in it!

Available loose for refills, or for a little extra, in a cute spice jar.

Additional information


Hazelnuts, walnuts, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, white sesame seeds, 7 spice mix (pimento, coriander seeds, white pepper, black pepper, cinnamon (cassia), cloves, nutmeg), salt, pepper.

Country of Origin

Made in Australia

Allergy Info

Contains tree nuts, sesame.

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