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Konjac sponge from Brush It On

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Brush It On donate 100% of their profits to conservation projects that protect the world’s oceans, forests and wildlife. The Japanese have been using these sponges for centuries as a way of gently cleansing and exfoliating their skin. They are made from a porous root vegetable native to Asia and are pH neutral. The sponge is hard, but softens when soaked. Please use caution if you have particularly sensitive skin. Colours vary.

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8.5cm diameter x 3.5cm deep (approx.)

How to use

Soak before use and squeeze gently a few times until soft
Use with water or a small amount of cleanser
Gently massage the sponge into the skin in circular motions to exfoliate
Rinse sponge thoroughly after use and hang to dry
Replace every 3 months (old sponges can go into the compost or your green bin)

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