Good Fish Skipjack Tuna – Jar (195g)


Sustainably fished skipjack tuna from Good Fish

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This delicious skipjack tuna from Good Fish was caught by hand off the coast of the Canary Islands in fully sustainable fishing zones using ancient line-and-pole techniques. That means they’re caught one fish at a time (no dolphins hurt here) and the fish are only caught in season so that they are at their peak.

Once caught, they are snap chilled for processing in Spain by highly skilled female processors, using traditional hand-filleting techniques.

Preserved in certified organic extra virgin olive oil, these fillets are wonderful to eat simply taken from the jar, on toast, in pasta dishes, or add to salads.

Additional information


Skipjack tuna fillets, organic extra virgin olive oil, salt

Country of Origin

Product of Spain

Allergy Info

Contains finned fish

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