Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher Powder – 500g


SimplyClean Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher Powder

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This Australian Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher Powder from SimplyClean is boosted by the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Australian lemon myrtle oil, and because it’s concentrated, you get around 66 doses to the kilo (that’s less than 20c/cycle!).

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Pure Australian lemon myrtle oil (backhousia citriodora), sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium percarbonate (oxy-action sanitiser and stain remover), sodium citrate, tetrasodium edta & polyacrylic acid (water softeners), disodium silicate (mineral based corrosion inhibitor protects cutlery and dishwasher), fatty alcohol alkoxylate (rinse aid).


Add 15g to the powder compartment of your diswasher.

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