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Mak Kimchi from South Coast Kimchi Co

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Kimchi from South Coast Kimchi Co is a standout, and it’s made almost entirely from local ingredients!

This Mak Kimchi is hand cut into bite sized pieces of Wombok cabbage so you can really just nom it from the jar, but it’s equally at home as your usual side dish to your favourite Korean dishes. It’s a deep, salty, tangy fermented cabbage party in your mouth, with just a hint of sweetness to balance things out, and it’s packed with pro-biotics for great gut-health!

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Wombok Cabbage, Daikon, Carrot, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, filtered Water, Fish Sauce, chilli flakes, Garlic chives, Green onion, Sugar, Rice flour, Salt.

Country of Origin

Made in Australia

Allergy Info

Contains fish

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